Enrich your dog

We normally keep a busy schedule going out to movies, restaurants, or games. Don’t forget about your dog, who also would like things to do while he is home!

While making sure your dog has the appropriate amount of exercise, treat-dispensing toys are a great way to keep your dog happy and entertained. Enrichment is a way to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated. Keeping your dog mentally enriched can help counter negative and destructive behaviors since it gives your dog an outlet for boredom. Below are great treat-dispensing toys for your dog!


Kong is one of the best known brands for dogs. Kongs are used widely for all dogs, even the heaviest chewers. They can be stuffed with soft food or frozen treats. They provide the dog with mental stimulation as they have to figure out how to get the delicious food out of the toy! Some dogs are quicker at getting the food, but some will even take an hour or two just playing with it!
For active dogs, try feeding their meals in Kongs to make them “earn” their food!

Kong Wobbler

Kong wobblers are just like the Kongs mentioned above, but provide more enrichment as the dog must move the toy a certain way in order for a treat to fall out. Most people only use small treats in the wobbler as they are easier to clean. The wobbler will have your dog pawing at it in order to get a treat… or two!

PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist n Treat

Like Kongs, PetSafe Busy Buddy makes your dog work for treats. This toy is especially great for those dogs that may have a harder time with Kongs, as the opening can widen or constrict depending on the dog’s ability to get treats. Try mixing treats with peanut butter to make it extra hard for your dog!

Puzzle games

Most of us like games that really make us think, like Rubik’s cubes or chess. Dogs are no different! Puzzle games can be found in a variety of styles. These games can allow your dog to really think about how he can get the treat. More challenging Puzzle Games will have your dog move an object in order to get a treat.

Treat-dispensing toys come in many different styles. Some are more stimulating than others. When purchasing a toy for your dog, make sure you pick the appropriate size as too big or too small might not work as well. Also, keep in mind that some dogs may not be able to handle the more advanced or difficult toys.

All dogs should be supervised with toys at all times!