Excessive Barking and Whining

Why is my dog barking?

Some dogs bark at any noise they hear and some won’t bark at all. There are many reasons as to why your dog may bark. Barking while outside can be frustration or boredom. Sometimes dogs will also bark because they are territorial or are over stimulated.
• Supervise your dog while outside.
• Make sure your dog is receiving the correct amount of exercise.
• Interactive toys are great ways to keep a dog busy. Kongs or puzzle toys can focus your dog to mental stimulation.
• Teach the “quiet” command. If a doorbell gets your dog to bark, have someone stand outside the door and ring the doorbell as you ask them to. Once your dog stops barking, say “quiet” and reward. Make sure to keep a calm voice when saying the command. Don’t forget to praise your dog as you say “quiet”!
• Spaying and neutering pets can decrease territorial behavior!
• Stimulation, whether that is with more walks, toys, or other bonding periods, will be a great addition into your dog’s life. This can decrease excitement over things, such as dogs passing by.

My dog whines and barks for attention

Dogs, especially puppies, can develop bad behaviors while being in a crate or left alone.
• Ignore your dog’s plea for attention. If your dog whines after you put him in a crate, simply ignore him. Going back to him or talking to him can cause more problems. By ignoring him, you are stating that he doesn’t get any attention for the behavior.
• Make sure your dog has had his recommended exercise. A dog that is lacking stimulation may become quickly bored or agitated when crated.
• You can also use the “quiet” command stated above by rewarding good behavior when crated.
• Teaching your dog the “kennel” command can also be beneficial. Some dogs think crates are punishments and then begin to not want to go in them. You can offer delicious treats or even feed them inside of their crate. This can help show them that a crate isn’t so bad.

Don’t forget to make sure your dog receives the proper amount of exercise and stimulation. Keep a bag of delicious treats nearby so you can treat him when he shows desired behavior!