I just brought a new puppy home and he is chewing everything.

Puppies can chew because of teething, boredom, or just wanting to play. Give your dog appropriate chew toys. Nylabones, rope toys, and Kongs are all great toys to give your dog. Avoid toys that look like items in the home, like shoes, that you wouldn’t want to get chewed on. Keeping a difference between toys and household items will help your dog understand what is okay to chew on and what is not. Make sure to praise your dog when he is chewing on the appropriate toy.

They need practice.

Crates are great ways to keep your dog secure when you are not able to supervise him. Give your dog a few toys in the crate to keep him focused on something fun. If you can’t supervise your dog, your dog has many opportunities to chew.

Don’t leave your items laying around!

Dogs love to chew on things that may smell like you. This could be socks, remotes, shoes, etc. Make sure to pick up after yourself to avoid your dog destructing these items.


Dogs and puppies all need daily exercise. Some need more exercise than others, but all need some time to play and run out some energy. Make sure that your dog is getting his recommended exercise amount to keep him in shape. This can help make your dog less likely to want to chew because he is tired from exercising!

Don’t make it a big deal.

Remove the item they have chosen to chew on and give them an appropriate toy. Praise them when they show an interest in the toy that you gave them. The most important thing is to remain calm as your dog is just learning.