Lost and Found


PAWS contracts with Bourbon County to shelter all stray animals within the County, however, we do not handle animal control duties.  All animal control responsibilities, including cruelty cases and picking up strays, are done by the County.  If you have found a stray dog, contact Animal Control at (859) 987-2100 ext. 1.  Please note:  Animal Control does not pick up healthy, stray cats.

If You Have Lost Your Pet:

  • Search the Paris – Bourbon County Lost and Found page on Facebook.  If you live near county lines, keep in mind that an animal may have crossed over the border.  Make sure you check with surrounding county animal shelters and online lost and found databases.
  • Call or email the shelter with a description or picture of the pet, including where it was last seen.  Due to the volume of missing animals, check in frequently.  If you do find the animal, please let us know.

PAWS Procedure for Lost Pets:

  • Pets without identification are held as stray for five days according to state law.  After the fifth day, the animal becomes property of PAWS.
  • PAWS will make every effort to contact owners of pets with collars, microchips, or other identification.  Please ensure all contact information is up to date.

Reclaiming your Lost Pet:

  • Owners should bring proof of ownership such as photographs or veterinary records when coming to reclaim their pets.
    • Vet records should include proof of the pet’s spay/neuter, county license, and records of most recent rabies vaccine.
  • There is a mandatory reclaim fee based on whether or not the animal is altered, if the animal has been reclaimed previously, and if the owner has proof of rabies and county license.  There is also a $5 fee per animal per day.
  • Entire payment is due at the time the animal is reclaimed: we unfortunately cannot take partial payment.